April 26, 2012

Week in the Life: Wednesday's Words and Photos

Number of photos for Wednesday: 106, DSLR, point and shoot, iphone, screenshots

I like this amount of photos - I was more conscious of what I was taking and I like more of the pictures I took today than the past two days.

Today was cold, but at least it was sunny.  It's amazing how good weather completely changes your mood.  I felt very productive today at work and at home, so it was a good mid-point of the week.

I'm trying to post my pictures in the morning before work - I'm afraid if I do it at night I'll miss out on a photo op!  A friend who had been out for several weeks was back at work today - a great way to start the work day.  Nothing exciting happened during work, which means I was pretty productive.  It felt good at the end of the day.

I got home, said hi to Jason, and while he went on his afternoon run, I caught up with emails and the internets in general, and got a little scrapping in.  I finished the actual album for Week in the Life - can't wait to fill it up!

Jason and I ate dinner, played some Wii, watched Netflix, then got ready for bed.  I sat for a few minutes in bed writing down my thoughts for the day and then promptly fell asleep.

Observations: I sit really weird.  Like hunched over with my arm at a weird angle.  See the picture of us eating dinner?

I need to wake up earlier - it really sucks to do it, but feels great afterwards.  Kind of like working out.

Cleaning out the frdige and pantry and making a smorgasbord for dinner?  Pretty awesome, because you get to eat lots of different things!

Overheard:  Several people complimented me on my shoes - probably because they made me about 4 inches taller.

The crazy conversations I have:  Jason - "I like my coffee like I like my women - a hot boiling liquid I drink to stay awake."  Me - "Where is that from?"  "My brain...is it too creepy?"

Gratitude: Jason and I finished watching "Guns, Germs, and Steel" on Netflix, and a woman was talking about the impacts of disease on productivity in many countries in Africa (the more disease, the more people are sick, the less productive they are, the less chance for the country to be prosperous).  It just reminded me how lucky I am to be healthy, and healthy enough to have a job and have the time and resources to just sit around, or do a hobby like scrapbooking.  Gotta stop taking things for granted!

Favorite moment: Feeling productive.  That feeling carries over into the next day.


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