April 29, 2012

Week in the Life: Saturday's Words and Photos

Number of photos for Saturday: 61, DSLR, iphone

Today Jason and I planned to get up and go - no sleeping in.  At least, not sleeping in too late.

We got up about 9, bustled around for a bit, then headed out to the public market.  Best place to go on a Saturday morning!  Cheap produce and amazing food.  We got some homemade pickles, some veggies for the week, and ate ourselves silly on empanadas and poutine.  We had to end the trip with some beer tasting, of course.

Jason went to go cover a story for work, so I took a nap - it was supposed to be a half hour, but somehow it lasted a bit longer.  We then went to his parents' house for dinner - it was yummy and it was great to spend time with them

Observations: I really enjoy food.  Eating is just fantastic

Overheard: I didn't fill out one of my daily sheets today - hope I didn't miss out on too many good quotes.

Gratitude: Thankful for family, whether it's mine or Jason's.

Favorite moment: Enjoying the food, drink and sunshine at the market.

April 28, 2012

Week in the Life: Friday's Words and Photos

Number of photos for Friday: 42, DSLR, iphone, screenshots

The number of photos a day is slowly dwindling, but there is only a limited number of pictures I can take at work.  Excel just isn't that photogenic.

I woke up still feeling pretty sleepy, but my morning shower and getting a blog post in helped to wake me up.  Work was uneventful - emails, updating spreadsheets, bagels, pizza (healthy food day) and tidying up my desk.

On the way home I talked to my mom and dad on the phone - it was good to catch up with them.  I made plans for Mother's Day weekend so that I could see both of them.

The weather was cold but sunny, so Jason and I took our freshly shined bikes around the neighborhood a couple of times.  Really felt good to be outside after a week of dreary weather.  I put my camera in my basket and tried to take some pictures as I was riding.  The results were...interesting.

Jason went for a run and I caught up on the internets and started to get ready for our evening out.  You know I was getting gussied up because I was wearing bling and sequins (hello Friday night).  We went to a wine bar that specializes in wine flights, so we got to taste several different wines during the evening.  We got some gourmet chocolate to go along with it (sesame seeds + chocolate = surprisingly delicious).

When we got back, Jason passed out in bed so I caught up with my brother on the phone.  We always talk about food and nerdy things, so it was a pretty awesome conversation.

Observations: I need to appreciate the outdoors more.  Even if it's not perfect weather, if I force myself to go for a ride or walk I usually end up enjoying it.

Overheard: "Be the rainbow in someone's gloomy day." Someone said this at work, and although a bit hokey, I think this is a good thing to strive for.

Home Alone quotes with my coworker Lindsay.  Really, there are some fantastic quotes you can steal from this movie.  Lindsay's quote of choice is "Woof." 

Gratitude: Thankful that I have so many opportunities to enjoy myself - I enjoy my coworkers, I have productive hobbies, I have the space to enjoy the outdoors, and there are a ton of great restaurants and bars in Rochester.

Favorite moment: The bike ride.  Didn't go far, but enjoyed the sunshine all the same.

April 27, 2012

Week in the Life: Thursday's Words and Photos

Number of photos for Thursday: 59, DSLR, iphone, screenshots

A lot less photos today.  But less of the same thing and I think I got better pictures.  Sometimes it's better to have a ton to choose from, but if you have just a few that are really good, that OK with me, too.

I woke up from a dream that I was pregnant.  It was very weird.  I spent a good ten minutes half-asleep trying to figure out if it was actually possible for me to be pregnant, but I woke up finally and laughed at my confused thoughts.  Maybe it's because this girl is preggers? (Yay!)

I spent my morning getting ready and posting pictures from the day before (like I'm doing now; so meta).  It was rainy, so I wore my checkered raincoat.  Got to work and had a TC with some of my favorite people to work with - it went well, so that set a good stage for the day.  The work day had it's crunch moments, and overall it was productive, but I was glad to get home.

Jason had been feeling poorly, so he stayed home today.  But he surprised me by getting groceries for an awesome meal - pesto pork kabobs, roasted asparagus, some good beer and HOMEMADE ICE CREAM (chocolate almond).  He found my ice cream maker that I had not used in years and we made some yummy dessert.

While we waited for the ice cream to freeze, I scrapped some and started on a card for Mother's Day.  We finally got to eat the ice cream and Jason entertained me with his favorite clips of Jeffrey Tambor.

Back downstairs in the craft room/basement, I continued to craft while Jason fixed up my bike.  It had been neglected - I hadn't ridden it in several years, mostly because it didn't really have brakes (go figure).  Jason put new brakes on and cleaned it up.  Now the weather just has to cooperate and we can go riding!

Observations: We eat dinner late.  Usually 8:30, 9:00.  Can't decide if I like this or not.

I love working next to/near Jason.  We don't talk, but it's fun being productive at our hobbies together.  Very cozy.

Overheard: "Mmmmmaybe I will!" - Jason, ala Buster Bluth.  He says this constantly.

Gratitude: Thankful for the thoughtful people in my life.  You know who you are.

Favorite moment: Dinner and dessert.  Most times my favorite moments involve food.



April 26, 2012

Week in the Life: The Album

I had this dingy white album lying around waiting for a use for some time now.  I remember the time I was about to donate it with other things I had no use for and I pulled it back because I apparently can't decrease my scrapbooking stash.  I'm glad I didn't now.

I forgot who made this album (I covered the inside with paper and forgot to write down the manufacturer), but I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be a wedding album.  The cover was a white fake leather finish, and it got really dirty. I covered the front, back and the spine with paper I had from my stash, some washi tape, and bookbinding glue. Looks so much better now.

I also tried to use up a bunch of items in my stash, especially the newer items - the stamps, my mistable trim, my DIY Thickers (LOVE these!).

I'm always afraid these microbeads are going to flake off, so I put down a layer of Glossy Accents and spread it around with my finger for good measure.  Hopefully it stays!

It's a lot going on for the cover, but I'm glad I used a bunch of stash items and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

 Paper:: from stash/Stamps:: BasicGrey To Dos, Date and Time, Dear Lizzy Camera/Stickers:: Thickers Amy Tangerine Goodness (White), DIY Rainboots, typewritter letters from stash/Embellishments:: Tape: 7gypsies Avignon; Brads:  BasicGrey Lauderdale Stitched Brads; Trim: Pink Paislee Mistables Scallop Ribbons; Microbeads: Martha Stewart Yellow Barite; Mist: Studio Calico Mister Huey's Estate Green; Mask: Studio Calico Ampersand; Prima Flowers: from stash/Adhesive:: ATG gun, Club Scrap bookbinding glue, Glossy Accents, Tiny Attacher

Week in the Life: Wednesday's Words and Photos

Number of photos for Wednesday: 106, DSLR, point and shoot, iphone, screenshots

I like this amount of photos - I was more conscious of what I was taking and I like more of the pictures I took today than the past two days.

Today was cold, but at least it was sunny.  It's amazing how good weather completely changes your mood.  I felt very productive today at work and at home, so it was a good mid-point of the week.

I'm trying to post my pictures in the morning before work - I'm afraid if I do it at night I'll miss out on a photo op!  A friend who had been out for several weeks was back at work today - a great way to start the work day.  Nothing exciting happened during work, which means I was pretty productive.  It felt good at the end of the day.

I got home, said hi to Jason, and while he went on his afternoon run, I caught up with emails and the internets in general, and got a little scrapping in.  I finished the actual album for Week in the Life - can't wait to fill it up!

Jason and I ate dinner, played some Wii, watched Netflix, then got ready for bed.  I sat for a few minutes in bed writing down my thoughts for the day and then promptly fell asleep.

Observations: I sit really weird.  Like hunched over with my arm at a weird angle.  See the picture of us eating dinner?

I need to wake up earlier - it really sucks to do it, but feels great afterwards.  Kind of like working out.

Cleaning out the frdige and pantry and making a smorgasbord for dinner?  Pretty awesome, because you get to eat lots of different things!

Overheard:  Several people complimented me on my shoes - probably because they made me about 4 inches taller.

The crazy conversations I have:  Jason - "I like my coffee like I like my women - a hot boiling liquid I drink to stay awake."  Me - "Where is that from?"  "My brain...is it too creepy?"

Gratitude: Jason and I finished watching "Guns, Germs, and Steel" on Netflix, and a woman was talking about the impacts of disease on productivity in many countries in Africa (the more disease, the more people are sick, the less productive they are, the less chance for the country to be prosperous).  It just reminded me how lucky I am to be healthy, and healthy enough to have a job and have the time and resources to just sit around, or do a hobby like scrapbooking.  Gotta stop taking things for granted!

Favorite moment: Feeling productive.  That feeling carries over into the next day.


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