April 28, 2012

Week in the Life: Friday's Words and Photos

Number of photos for Friday: 42, DSLR, iphone, screenshots

The number of photos a day is slowly dwindling, but there is only a limited number of pictures I can take at work.  Excel just isn't that photogenic.

I woke up still feeling pretty sleepy, but my morning shower and getting a blog post in helped to wake me up.  Work was uneventful - emails, updating spreadsheets, bagels, pizza (healthy food day) and tidying up my desk.

On the way home I talked to my mom and dad on the phone - it was good to catch up with them.  I made plans for Mother's Day weekend so that I could see both of them.

The weather was cold but sunny, so Jason and I took our freshly shined bikes around the neighborhood a couple of times.  Really felt good to be outside after a week of dreary weather.  I put my camera in my basket and tried to take some pictures as I was riding.  The results were...interesting.

Jason went for a run and I caught up on the internets and started to get ready for our evening out.  You know I was getting gussied up because I was wearing bling and sequins (hello Friday night).  We went to a wine bar that specializes in wine flights, so we got to taste several different wines during the evening.  We got some gourmet chocolate to go along with it (sesame seeds + chocolate = surprisingly delicious).

When we got back, Jason passed out in bed so I caught up with my brother on the phone.  We always talk about food and nerdy things, so it was a pretty awesome conversation.

Observations: I need to appreciate the outdoors more.  Even if it's not perfect weather, if I force myself to go for a ride or walk I usually end up enjoying it.

Overheard: "Be the rainbow in someone's gloomy day." Someone said this at work, and although a bit hokey, I think this is a good thing to strive for.

Home Alone quotes with my coworker Lindsay.  Really, there are some fantastic quotes you can steal from this movie.  Lindsay's quote of choice is "Woof." 

Gratitude: Thankful that I have so many opportunities to enjoy myself - I enjoy my coworkers, I have productive hobbies, I have the space to enjoy the outdoors, and there are a ton of great restaurants and bars in Rochester.

Favorite moment: The bike ride.  Didn't go far, but enjoyed the sunshine all the same.


  1. Hi there, I found your blog through Ali's link on WITL. Loving the riding the bike photo and wine glass. It's a lot of fun doing this project isn't it. Everyone's pic's are so inspiring. Looking forward to next weeks' album reveals by Ali and hopefully others. Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia


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