April 25, 2012

Week in the Life: Tuesday's Words and Photos

Number of photos for Tuesday: 102, DSLR, point and shoot, iphone

Second day - I thought I didn't take too many pictures, but I surprised myself when I counted them up at the end.  A lot of similar shots, so for Wednesday I'm trying to take 1-3 shots of something and move on to the next thing.  The best shots are when you don't try.

Today was another cold and miserable day - it's hard to get moving on days like these.  But I managed to get some work done and then got home to do my typical Tuesday routine: watch RuPaul's Drag Race and paint my nails.  Jason came home from Frisbee all sweaty, so while he showered I got some quick scrapping in.

As we were getting ready to go out for dinner, I noticed a crap-ton of silvery gray hairs on my head (very depressing).  Jason kindly offered to pluck them out for me.  We ate delicious hot dogs for dinner and then went to bed early.  Love sitting in bed writing down my thoughts for the day!

Observations: I notice how I get sucked into certain things for hours at a time - have to learn to set limits and move on to the next thing.

Overheard: "I'll take the quickest shower that's ever been showered." - Jason, because I had a mad hankerin' for a hot dog and he was disgustingly sweaty.

Two people told me I look like I should be on a boat (wearing boat shoes, white pants, and a blue sweater will do that.)

"There are no calories if you eat it standing up!" Overheard while eating cheesecake for a coworker's birthday.

Gratitude:  I listen to NPR every drive to and from work, and there were some depressing stories on yesterday.  Seriously made me thankful for pretty much everything I have.

Favorite moment: The craziness that happened on the latest RuPaul episode.  Seriously nuts.



  1. Are you on instagram? Are we not friends on instagram??

    1. Apparently not! I just started - user name is maryagon. So many things to follow you on!


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