July 29, 2015

Club Scrap Blog Hop - Cantina

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Welcome back, fellow crafty friends!  I hope you have been enjoying the weather and getting some craft time in between getting outside and taking vacations.  I was lucky enough to get some scrapping done with Club Scrap's newest collection, Cantina.  I was able to create three 2-page layouts and two 1-page layouts, complete with photos, journaling, and embellishments in about 3 hours, start to finish!  And I have video to prove it...

If you traveled here from Donna's blog, then you are following the hop! If you've lost your way or just want to see all the links in one place, head over to the Club Scrap blog to see a list of all the talented bloggers participating today.

There are a great many things that I love about Club Scrap - the texture of the paper, the quality and designs of their rubber stamps, the amazingly unique kits they produce each month...but my favorite is the Assembly Line Scrapbooking (ALSB) instructions included in the kits each month.  I (nearly) always save my Lite kit to assemble the four 2-page layouts because the instructions are designed to use almost everything included in the kit - no waste!

Some may think that by following the ALSB instructions, you will end up with layouts that look like everyone else's - but the fun thing is matching the photos to the papers and adding embellishments to make the layouts your own unique project.  And to show you how you can do this, I created a process video of how I completed all eight pages of the Lite kit, ready to go into my albums!

I know we all are very busy and while I would love to watch scrapbooking process videos all day, I find that I don't always have the time.  So if you are interested in a particular Lite layout, you can find the direct link to that section of the video here:

This kit was so fun to work with, and as you can see in the video and the pictures below, so versatile!  My first layout showcased some of my fashion choices in childhood:

I loved the bottlecap embellishments included with the Lite kit and I always love incorporating circular elements into my layouts - really rounds them out, don't you think? (Aaaaahahahahaha.)  Add some glittery ribbon and thickers, and you have yourself a wonderfully fun and girly layout.

I mention this in the video, but I sincerely love the versatility of these kits each month - who would have thought that this kit would go perfectly with my New Zealand album?  The bright colors of this spread really makes the blues of the ocean pop.

I love taking cues for types of embellishments from the existing patterns on the layouts - here I used a combination of circles and arrows to pull both sides of the layout together.

I love the combination of the pink and aqua in the next set of layouts, and it went so well with my pictures of me as a water baby back in the day.  I ended up changing the shape of the photo mattes in the left hand side because of the pictures I had on hand, but it just shows how easily customizable these ALSB layouts are.

I didn't have to add too much extra embellishment here, but it helps that I have the perfect letter stickers to go along with the colors of this kit!

I ended up turning the last set of layouts into two separate layouts for my album - these layouts won't be sitting next to each other, but both work great as stand alone one-pagers.

When looking through your kits and seeing how you can embellish your layouts further, don't forget that you can make easy embellishments out of paper - I cut the sun image from a sheet of the patterned paper and made it into a layered embellishment on this layout.

Last but not least, the "Happy Hour" sentiment certainly went well with these pictures of our night on the town in Auckland. It was the perfect layout to include that adorable stamp in homage to the drinks we may have imbibed that night...

The theme of banners on the patterned papers in this kit really inspired me in my embellishments - just a few snips of the scissors and you have a little cluster of banners on your hands!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my video and my layouts!  I'm hoping to get into the habit of documenting my scrapbook process - it was certainly fun to make and I hope it gave you some ideas on how to finish your existing ALSB layouts!

Run, don't walk, over to Tricia's blog to see what she has come up with this month - I'm pretty sure it will be astounding.  Be sure to check back next month for the Artist Team challenge and blog hop when we're knot complaining that we get to work with the Woven Strands collection.  (Oh, I am too much.)


July 23, 2015

Club Scrap Minions Challenge!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by my rather quiet blog - things got unexpectedly busy, but I've been able to take the time to get crafty this week, even though I've been on the road!  This month, Anne Marie challenged us to have some fun and be inspired some of her favorite creatures, the Minions!  She gave us a few pictures to get started with:

So, even though I've never seen any of the Minion movies, I thought these pictures were so fun and festive.  I loved the colors and it seemed like our Minion friends were having a great beach party - and I was inspired to make something equally as festive:

Oh yeah, nothing says party like presents.

The Club Scrap kit this month, Cantina, was a perfect match for the festive inspiration pictures.  I made the gift box, the pillow box, and the card just using elements from the Deluxe kit.

The gift box was really fun to make and a challenge to see how many elements from the Deluxe kit I could incorporate into one project without being too overwhelming!  I made a 4x4 inch box using the handy-dandy directions found on my scoreboard, then attached elements to the removable lid of the box.  No unwrapping needed!  I stamped several images from the Collection, Borders & Backgrounds, and Art Nouveau stamps onto white paper to make my own "wrapping paper", then used a few ribbons from the Embellishment pack to add a few more layers of texture.  The tag was simple to make and I used a sentiment from the Collection stamps to create the message.  An enamel shape and a fiber to attach it to the gift finishes the tag off!

The icing on the cake...er, the cherry on the sundae...no, the BOW on the PRESENT was the most fun to make.  I first stamped the stripes image from the Art Nouveau stamps on a 4x12 inch strip of the Yellow paper using Topaz ink, then scored down the middle vertically.  I then cut this into 1x4 inch strips.  I adhered the ends closed to give them a little volume, then staggered the pieces into a bow shape.

The next layer is a handmade rosette using the Aqua patterned paper.  This is a 1.5x12 inch strip that was scored every half inch, then formed into the rosette.  Rosettes are great, but VERY hard to adhere.  I had to bring out the heavy duty adhesive - hot glue - for this guy.

Finally, I stamped the flower image from the  Art Nouveau stamps onto the Pink paper with Fuchsia ink and fussy-cut three flowers out for the very top.  I love the combination of patterns and colors in this kit!

I had so much fun withe the first gift box, I had to make a second!  This time I made a pillow box with the help of the pillow box punch board - I never knew I needed this tool until I bought one!  I made my own patterned paper by stamping that wonderfully wonky stripe stamp on to the Orange paper, then I followed the instructions on the pillow box score board to make an 8-inch box.  I made a floral layered belly band to slip around the box  - this was totally inspired by the tropical flowers the Minions were wearing!

I did A LOT of fussy cutting for this present, but it was worth it because I love the results.  I used the flower, vine, and leaf stamps from the Borders & Backgrounds and Art Nouveau stamps with Fuchsia, Neon Orange, Topaz, Ocean, and Leaf inks to create all of my layered elements, then arranged them together and decorated the flowers with the button brads from the Embellishment pack.  I stamped this amazing sentiment from the Collection stamps on a strip from the cutaparts - I love figuring out different ways to incorporate cutaparts in my projects!

Finally, what's a present or two without a card?  I was so impressed with Kay's post here using the amazing stencil from the Deluxe kit that I had to try my own hand at it.  I added a few hand drawn details - I used a thin marker to outline all of the images and to draw a purposely wonky frame.  I didn't have the Greeting stamps with me, so I opted to try my hand (no pun intended) at a hand-lettered sentiment - and I love the results!  Those enamel shapes came in handy again to add a little dimension and shine to finish the card off.

Now all I need are some Minion-related items to fill the presents with, and I should be good to go!  I hope you might try making your own gift wrap using some of the ideas here, and if you are looking for some more Minion inspired craft, be sure to check out the lovely ladies below!


Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to stop by next week on the 29th to see what I've created for the Cantina blog hop - it's going to be a fun one this month!

June 24, 2015

Club Scrap Blog Hop - National Parks

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Happy Summer!  I'm so glad you stopped by for this month's blog hop.  This month we are working with one of my all-time favorite collections from Club Scrap - National Parks!   There are so many goodies this in this kit, it was hard to choose what to showcase this month.

If you traveled here from Cathy's blog, then you are following the hop!  If you've lost your way or just want to see all the links in one place, head over to the Club Scrap blog to see a list of all the talented bloggers participating today.

When I opened by pizza box this month, the first thing I was drawn to was the piece of canvas cloth that was included with our kits - I knew I wanted that to be a unique focus of a card, so I grabbed some spray mists and started to get crafty!

I first stamped the map images from the Art Nouveau stamp set on a strip of canvas to give some additional texture.  I then used the camper image from the Lite stencil and some red spray mist to add the camper image to the canvas - I love how the canvas soaks in the mist for such a bright and bold image!

I made sure to add some distressing to this outdoorsy card - by peeling some of the threads from the canvas, I was able to make a frayed edge, but this should not fray any further after it's been adhered to the card.  I also used an embellishment from the cutaparts and distressed the edges before using it as my card's sentiment.

Thank you so much for stopping by this month!  Head on over to Deb's blog to see what she has been working on.  Stop back in next month when we're working with the Cantina collection!

May 27, 2015

Club Scrap Blog Hop - The Blues

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Hello there again!  Thanks for stopping by for this month's blog hop.  In May we were lucky enough to work with The Blues collection from Club Scrap, and I'm here to show you how I reworked a layout I did earlier this month with this kit and a little pop of color.

If you traveled here from Tiare's blog, then you are following the hop!  If you've lost your way or just want to see all the links in one place, head over to the Club Scrap blog to see a list of all the talented bloggers participating today.

Last week the fellow Artist Team members and I worked with one of the newest cards from the Assembly Line Idea Deck.  I loved working with The Blues kit and the monochromatic color palette, but I wanted to try something different and add a little color to this kit.

I used the exact same instructions as my previous layout and all papers, minus the orange from Henna, are from The Blues collection.  I love how the orange pop brings out the colors in the photos!

The wonderful thing about these Idea Decks is that the layouts are perfect as they are - or you can change them around to suit your needs!  I ended up rotating the left side layout 90 degrees counterclockwise to showcase this colorful portrait oriented picture.

Like my previous layout, I had a lot of landscape oriented pictures, so I rotated the right side layout 90 degrees counterclockwise as well to accommodate more of those photos.  Photos mattes that don't have a picture to go along with them are the perfect space for journaling.

My favorite parts on both layouts is the paperweaving - this really helps to highlight one focal picture that brings both sides of the layouts together!

Thank you so much for stopping by this month!  Head on over to Tricia's blog to see what amazing project she has up her sleeve.  Stop back in next month when we're going on an adventure with National Parks!

May 21, 2015

Club Scrap Assembly Line Scrapbooking Challenge

Hello again and happy third Thursday of May!  The Club Scrap Artist team is back again this month and we are working with one of my favorite Club Scrap tools - the newest Assembly Line Idea Deck!  We had the option of the 9 of Clubs scrapbooking formula or the Jack of Hearts cardmaking formula.  Since I'm still woefully behind in scrapbooking my New Zealand pictures, I jumped on the fabulous formula for a two-page layout.

I loved this sketch because there are so many places to put photos - and I have a lot of them from this trip!  I especially liked the unique paperweaving embellishment on the left side of the layout.  I followed the instructions on the card and used strips of paper, but this would be a great place to use ribbon or washi tape as well.

I used this month's The Blues collection for my pages, and even though it's a monochromatic kit with a music theme, it really went well with these outdoor pictures.  It helped to bring out the blues in the water and the shadows in the mountains, but made the other colors pop in the pictures.  Just goes to show you the theme of the kit doesn't have to dictate the subject of the pages!

I kept the embellishments very simple on these pages - a few acrylic letters here, a stamped image from the Borders and Backgrounds stamp set there, and a journaling card for a space to write down all of our adventures for the day.

I love this sketch and will definitely be using this again in the future - so many possibilities and variations!  Hurry and stop by at the Club Scrap store and grab both the idea deck and this kit - you don't want to miss out on either!

April 29, 2015

Club Scrap Blog Hop - Botanicals

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Happy Spring and welcome to the April edition of the Club Scrap blog hop!  This month, we are getting crafty with the Botanicals collection and I'm so in love with the pastel and spring-y feel to this kit!

If you traveled here from Tiare's blog, then you are following the hop!  If you've lost your way or just want to see all the links in one place, head over to the Club Scrap blog to see a list of all the talented bloggers participating today.

I got a lot of use out of this kit this month - check out my Artist team mood board post and the Greetings to Go post for more ideas on how to use this kit!  I wanted to finish off the month my working on one of my goals of replenishing my card stash, and I really wanted to do something fun with the adorable wood veneers that were included in this month's Deluxe kit.

It turned out to be a pretty simple card, but I was able to incorporate patterned paper, elements from the cutaparts, and altered wood veneers to create an everyday, any occasion card.  (And I love those kinds of cards - perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or just to say hi!)

I layers all of my paper elements together and I applied Amethyst ink to the edges of the sentiment cutapart to help it stand out.

I altered the wood veneer pieces by applying a generous amount of embossing ink to once side and sprinkling embossing powder on each piece.  Then I melted the embossing powder using my heat gun to create some unique embellishments for my card.

I love the way these pieces turned out - the embossing powder gave the wood flowers a shiny, enameled finish to them, and the color is much brighter than I would have achieved using only inks or mists.

I hope you try this embossing technique when you get a chance - it's quick, easy, and the results are fantastic!

Thank you so much for stopping by this month!  Head on over to Tricia's blog to see what amazing project she has up her sleeve.  Stop back in next month when we're gettin' down with The Blues!
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