January 13, 2015

This Past Week (and then some...)

I'm trying to get better about writing down daily occurrences in my planner/journal/cocktail napkins as I'm attempting to be really good with Project Life this year (i.e. stick with it more than a few weeks this time), so I figure my blog might be a good place to keep photos and words together, outside of my scrapbook.  The first few days of January were a very fun, productive, and relaxing beginning to the year!

Jason and I started off the new year with some traveling, but nothing too crazy!  We spent New Year's Eve at my friend's Manhattan apartment, watching all of the crazy people standing out in the cold to be in Times Square on television.  Jason and I did some exploring before we caught our bus back home - we walked along the High Line since it was pretty nice day out, especially for January!

My office is dangerously close to a pretty good restaurant/brewery, so Jason and I have been taking advantage of the good Happy Hour specials they have - half off all appetizers and beers.   That's my kind of deal!  I justify stopping here weekly since we can walk there - totally walking off all of those calories I drink!  (Right?  R...Right?)

Jason and I officially, as a couple, survived IKEA.  We even bought furniture and put it together without killing each other.  Either we have the same taste in home furnishings, or Jason is really, really good at agreeing with me.  It might be a little bit of both.  We got our living room and the dining room all set!  (In case you were wondering, we bought the Karlstad, the Ekenäset, Lerhamn chairs for our dining room, and the only impulse buy of the day - a Korken bottle!)

Sunday after New Year's Day, we ended up going back to NYC to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of our friend's restaurant North River and bar Dead Drop.  It was nice to see friends we hadn't been able to meet up with in a while, and it was definitely fun to watch the boys play bartender.

It started to look a little bit like winter in New Jersey this past week!  This town is stinkin' picturesque sometimes.  The trains start to look magical and the river looks pretty cool too!  (See first picture and that pun was not intended...)

We ended this week with a Lazy Sunday - Jason watching football on TV with me engrossed in Downton Abbey next to him.  I'm pretty sure my show was much more exciting.

First week of 2015 down, 51 more to go!


  1. What?! Downton Abbey already?! Off to check it out! (Fun post BTW!)

    1. Hahah, yes, I missed it the first night it was on - thank goodness PBS has it on their website the next day and the quality is great!


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