January 1, 2015

OLW 2015 - Explore

Watercolor Lettering by Livy Long via Pinterest

It's a new year and the proverbial resolutions have tagged along with it!  Every January I feel like this is the year that I will change everything and be that person who is physically fit, eats exactly the right things, reads 100 books in a year, knits 20 sweaters, sends cards for everyone's birthdays/anniversaries/holidays, and scraps the past 30 years worth of photos by March

So not happening this year.

I am in a fantastic position where I have just moved to another state and I feel like I can leave bad habits behind and start good habits here, but I also have to be realistic and make sure I'm not biting more off than I can chew.

This is where (I hope) One Little Word comes in.

My word for 2015 is Explore, and while this word may not seem like it will inspire year-long improvements in habits, I think this will really help me stick to my goals in 2015.

Digital Print by Ana Vicki via Pinterest

In 2015, I want to explore:

  • My new hometown
  • New areas for hiking
  • The history of my new area
  • My creative side (more)
  • My relationships with my boyfriend, friends, and family more deeply
  • What it's like to live a more frugal life
  • My love for reading (that seems to have slipped by the wayside)
  • My career and where it can take me

I hope and expect more areas of exploration will come up over the year, and I'm very excited to take my own one little word to heart and see how it impacts my life in 2015.  I will be sharing the results from my explorations here (which hopefully means I will be updating more regularly!  Fingers crossed.)

Here's to exploring 2015!

Print by Opus and Verse via Pinterest

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