January 9, 2015

Five Friday Favorites - January 9th Edition

Whew, a busy week at work this was!  First week back in 2015 and everyone was being so productive!  I was pretty productive too - caught up on (most) emails, the house is (almost) settled, and I started working on a (hopeful) blog schedule.  I think if I have specific blog goals each week, it might help me actually have a regular posting schedule...

On to some fun things on the interwebs I've read this week!  (Or have been hoarding in my "save for later" category in Feedly...)

  1. I finally have a workable kitchen that more than one person can comfortably stand in, so I really want to explore (my OLW) the art of canning this year.  Just have to find a local farmer's market and I can start to delve into these 80+ canning recipes! [via]
  2. Jason has been very productive in finishing the unpacking that I had left lying around for a few weeks in only a few days, and he even hung up all of our vintage travel posters. For the Harry Potter nerd in me, I think I need to add a few of these to my collection! [via]
  3. I have a soft spot for bookends, and was thinking of trying my hand at these to go along with our new decor.  I'm thinking maybe white and gold, since I'm so classy?
  4. January always gives me a hankering for a new calendar, and I thought this paint chip calendar would be an easy DIY the next time you were at the hardware store. [via]
  5. I've seen this posted in several places, but I thought it was a really good read for the new year (or whenever you need a change of perspective).  Here's a reminder from Shauna Niequist to treat yo' self and use the things you have while you have them.  I think I'll bring out the good china for Sunday dinner this week, just because it's pretty!
Hope your week was a lovely one!

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