January 16, 2015

Five Friday Favorites - January 16th Edition

Happy Friday!  Hope your week was a good one - mine was a bit of a lumbering, plodding one, but I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend!  Here are a few things I've been keeping my eye on over this past week.

  1. I had been looking at linocuts on Pinterest for some reason (isn't that how Pinterest usually works?) and then this post popped into my Feedly reader - perfect timing!  I love these prints - wouldn't it be fun to try to recreate these with stamps I already have?  Hmmm....
  2. I haven't been hit with a major cold this season yet (knock on wood) but this recipe sounds pretty wonderful, even if you are not sick.  Also the fact that it's called "A Hot Toddy for When You Hate Life" is pretty amazing.
  3. I loved this post from Kelly Purkey - it really resonated with me and why I scrapbook/memory keep.  If I ever have a case of scrapbooker's block, it's things like this that remind me why I do the things I do.
  4. Still not quite done with my scrap room, and I'm itching to get creative and make something with paper.  It's tempting to dive right in and start creating, but I have one really good chance of setting things up the way I want it and should do that first.  Wah.  Cause I definitely want to scraplift this colorful layout by Lisa Dickinson.  Womp womp.
  5. Maybe it's because we're in a new house (and Jason has been extremely good about cleaning up my messes.  One of the reasons why I love him.) but I have been cooking a lot and it's been great!  We're definitely trying to be more budget conscious because we're surrounding by a lot of amazing restautants and bars that are within walking/stumbling distance, so we're trying to make a lot of cheap food at home.  This recipe for curried lentils was yummy and cheap!  Definitely add the fried egg on top for an added bonus.
On to the weekend and oh I'm looking forward to it!  Hope yours is wonderful too.


  1. WOW...I remember lino cutting in high school! Fun reads, have a great weekend!

    1. I think we did lino cutting too at some point - I'm just thinking with all the awesome Club Scrap stamps you could re-create that look! One more thing to add to the list...


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