September 20, 2013

Week in the Life: Weekend Words and Photos

Weekends are good. Girls' weekends are better. Girls' weekends spent scrapbooking are the best.

Friday started out rainy, which was fine with me - I was going to be stuck inside at work all day, then taking off for Wolcott right after work.  I drove down the back country roads with my car full of scrapbooking goodies and the radio blasting and ended up at my friend Marie's father's cottage on Port Bay.  Our other friends Judy, Anne Marie, and Anne Marie's daughter Catie also joined, and you know when these ladies get together, hilarity ensues.  I packed pretty light for a scrapbooking weekend, mostly because I ran out of time to pack and organize my photos.  I made it my goal to get caught up on my ALSBs and cut out and mount my mountain of stamps.  While scrapping, we kept a good mix of television on, a little Julia Roberts movies here, a little Food Network there.

Sunday was more of the same:  eating, scrapbooking leisurely and laughing a lot.  Jason works on Sundays so I picked up some food at Wegmans on the way home and sat down with my book, my dinner, and my wine.  When Jason got home, we sat down to our usual Sunday night schedule - Breaking Bad and The Newsroom.  (Both.  So.  Good.)

And that was my week.  Compared to last year, I took way less photos, but I'm much more excited about printing and putting together my album this weekend.  Last year's album is still being sorely neglected.  Maybe in 2014 I'll find the perfect balance of taking enough pictures and having enough energy to put them in an album.

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  1. Ooh, hanging out with that group of ladies sounds like an amazing way to spend a weekend! <3


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