September 18, 2013

Week in the Life: Wednesday and Thursday's Words and Photos

Wednesday, September 11th

Oh yeah, that's crumpets and ham salad in my shopping basket.  Don't you wish I bought food for you?

The week was moving both slowly and quickly at the same time - too much to do at work and not enough time to do it.  Things like deciding whether to renew my gym membership (I didn't), getting calls about my car getting recalled (old car, don't have it anymore), and trying to plan a joint 30th birthday party (still in the works) were also on my mind, making me feel a little stressed out.  Plus, it was hot again.  (Feels like 99?  No thank you.)   So I did what I do best and hung out with friends.

Sal and I went over to our friends Scott and Laurie's house and made dinner there.  I used my favorite black bean enchilada recipe - so yummy, and it makes one batch for freezing.  We got to hang out, eat, drink, and play with this cutie, Lizzie.

Because neither of us had food at our houses, Sal and I ran to Wegmans to grab stuff for lunch.  I got some lunch meat, and then Sal said - "Ew, look - ham salad."  I was like, "YES!  I love ham salad!", which prompted Sal to say, "That was not the reaction I was expecting."  I love ham salad.  Not sure why.   But I threw it in my basket with my crumpets and roast beef.  I ended up trying to keep cool in bed by reading a bit before finally falling asleep

Thursday, September 12th

By this time in the week, my picture-taking had dwindled dramatically.  I tried to keep up on my documenting of the week, but really, this was such a busy work week that I didn't do much than go home, eat, and go to bed.  On Thursday, I finished packing for the scrapbooking retreat I was going on the next day for the whole weekend.  I created my very organized list (kits, art mediums, stamps, tools I needed to bring), watched some Glitter Girl videos to get mentally prepared for scrapbooking, and tried to organize my scrap room.  Jason helped a lot by making dinner - his specialty, breakfast.  It was yum yum yummy.

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  1. Liiiizzzziiiiieeeee! It's so weird looking at your pictures of friends hanging out and having the lady with the baby NOT be me...


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