January 16, 2012

Weekly Chronicles - Week 2: Reflections

My good friend and personal scrapbooking enabler (everyone needs one of those) Marie encouraged me to participate in Club Scrap's Weekly Chronicles.  I didn't complete the first week (yet), but the second week's theme was "Reflections".  I really loved seeing everyone's interpretation of the theme and I am always so impressed and inspired that so many people are willing to share so much of their lives via scrapbooking.  It makes me try to really think about what I'm scrapping and how I journal.  I'm trying to move away from just describing what is in the pictures (Here is me in Summer of 2011 stuffing my face) to what I was actually thinking and feeling at that moment (Here is me in Summer of 2011 stuffing my face and LOVING IT.)

But seriously.  I decided to reflect on one of my New Year's resolutions/goals of making more of an effort in keeping in touch with friends.  Not just those who live far away, but we have some friends that live literally across the street that we do not see as often as I would like.

The layout is based on the one on the blog hop on Scrapbook Challenges.  I am filling up my Google Reader with a ton of blogs, and I love discovering new blogs via hops.  More blogs to read = less time I have to clean.  So sad.

I added the vellum "pockets" next to the photos and created a little tag with notes about my friends that I can slide out and read.

Overall, I like this LO.  If I had to change anything, I would make sure the horizontal line of pictures spanning the two pages was matched up and I would rethink the oval/heart embellishment on the first page.  Other than that, I love the paper, the color scheme, and the punched border.  And the pictures and memories of all my wonderful friends, of course.

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