October 6, 2015

My First Fauxdori!

Every autumn, I start getting that itch to get organized with my schedule - I'm sure it's a residual feeling from the times when I was a full-time student.  I've been looking around for inspiration for calendars and planners, and decided I couldn't wait until January to get a fresh planner and planning system going.

I ordered the Webster's Pages Color Crush planner in white last week and I'm getting excited in deciding how I want to set that baby up (which will be another post on its own).  In my research and impatience in waiting for the planner to arrive, I got sucked into the wonderful rabbit hole that is Midoris/Fauxdoris, otherwise known as Traveler's Notebooks.

For the uninitiated, Midori is a Japanese design company that makes Traveler's Notebooks: notebook covers that come in several sizes with removable inserts, so you can change your notebook as often as you change your shoes, or add in/take out additional inserts when needed.  While Midoris are a quality and well-made product, the price can be a deterrent for many, so the Fauxdori was born.  These are homemade Midoris and can be made out of leather, fabric, or any felxible material you have on hand.  There are a lot of cute online shops that specialize in Fauxdoris that are full of fun notebook eye candy.

This weekend I remembered this post from Tricia at Club Scrap where she had made a stitch-bound journal out of a pencil case we received as a gift at the 2014 Retreat.  I loved this journal and kept it on my List O' Projects to do, but never got to starting it.  I decided that I would use the pencil case as the cover for my first (yes, I'm already planning on making more) Fauxdori.

What I like most about the Fauxdoris is that they aren't a permanent journal or album - sometimes it's hard to commit to a stitch bound album or journal if you aren't sure what you are going to use it for.  The Fauxdoris use removable inserts (or signatures, for my bookbinding friends) that are held in the cover by elastic bands.  This allows you to switch out the inserts once they are filled without needing a new cover.

So, on to my project!  (Finally!)

Here is what you will need to turn this pencil case into a Fauxdori:

  • Clear ruler
  • Pen, pencil, or marker
  • Paper piercing tool
  • Craft knife
  • Piercing mat
  • Waxed linen thread
  • Charms
  • Elastic thread
  • Bookbinding needle
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hole punch
  • Papers for your inserts
  • Journal cover

I stole a lot of ideas from Tricia's journal, like removing the flap on the inside pockets in order to be able to pierce through the back of the journal.  I marked 5 holes in the journal cover at the following measurements:

  • .5 in from top and bottom
  • 7/8 in from top and bottom
  • 4 5/16 in from top (center hole)

All of these measurements were done in the middle of the cover which was 5 1/4 in from the left and right edges.  I punched holes in the cover where I marked the holes using the 1/8 in hole in my Cropadile.  I then threaded by elastic thread through the two upper holes, through the middle hole, being sure to leave a long loop, then through the bottom two holes, meeting in the middle.  I then tied the two pieces of elastic together to keep everything together.  The long loop on the outside of the cover is used to loop around the entire journal to keep together.

Once the cover was done, I needed to make the inserts.  I chose 5 papers from a few Club Scrap kits (Big Top, Transformations, and Cantina) and cut them to 7.5x9 in.  I folded these in half and used one folded page to be my piercing template.  

I pierced 5 holes into each page starting 1 1/4 in from the top, then four more holes 1 1/4 in apart.  I then bound 5 pages together using a pamphlet stitch.

Once I had my inserts created, I had a few choices how I wanted to fill my Fauxdori.  The simplest way is to have one insert - simply open the insert to the middle, slide through the large inner loop, and you are good to go!

In order to put your second insert in, you will need a long rubber band (about 7 inches long).  You will have you first insert already connected to the middle elastic, and you will open your second insert to the middle.  Loop the large rubber band around the middle of both inserts and you have them connected together!

You an even fit a third insert into this cover!  Join inserts 1 and 2 with the long rubber band and place on top of your cover.  Close each insert.  Place your third insert in between 1 and 2 and loop the elastic on the cover around the middle insert.  All three are now joined!

Now the fun part begins - decorating!  While I was threading the elastic thread on to the cover, I created a little protective cover for where the elastic meets the paper on the open edge of the notebook.  I die cut the skull and cross bones from the piece of the cover I had removed from the inside.

Also while I was threading the elastic, I created a little cluster of charms to attach with a lobster clasp to the front of the notebook.  Now I can switch these charms out for others when my mood changes!

Now, onto the insides!

I've only started writing in my first insert, but I knew I wanted a big quote on the outside of this insert.  I used materials from this month's Big Top collection to decorate!

I used some plainer papers on the inside of the insert so it would be easy to write on.  My first list is my packing list for the Club Scrap retreat on Thursday - I'm so excited, I had to plan out everything I was going to wear and pack.  Like a nerd.  Don't worry, I have a list of scrapbooking tools on the next page as well.

To mark my place in the notebook, I created a paperclip bookmark by using one of the tabs from the cutapart sheet from this month's kit and adhering it to a giant paperclip.  I love that I can move this around as I need it!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you try your hand at making your own Fauxdori.  I'll be updating here and on Instagram as I decorate and fill this notebook!  Hope you follow along!

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