October 20, 2015

Club Scrap Quad Prints Challenge

Welcome to October's Club Scrap Artist team challenge!  This month we are working with one of my favorite products Club Scrap puts out - their text weight quad prints!  The team was fortunate enough to work with the wonderful patterns put out last year by Club Scrap - 2014 was a great year for kits!

I knew I wanted to take advantage of both the amazing patterns from last year's kits and the weight of the paper - text weight paper lends itself to wrapping bookboard beautifully, so I decided to make my own storage box for my pocket scrapbooking cards.  I figure if I have them out and visible, I am more likely to use them!

I created a box out of bookboard with enough spaces to house by 3x4, 4x6, and embellishments for my pocket scrapbooking pages.  Scroll down to the bottom to see how I use the finished project, but if you would like to make your own, I have some measurements and step-by-step photos below!
I first made the frame for my box.  I made the box so the final dimensions were 9.5x11x2.5 inches.  If I had to do it over again, I would add another 1/8 of an inch to the short side for a little extra wiggle room for my cards, but I worked with what I had already cut, and it is certainly still functional!
I used the following pieces of bookboard for my box:
  • (1) 9.5x11 in.
  • (2) 11x2.5 in.
  • (2) 9.25x11 in.
I first glued the long and short sides to form the frame using bookbinding glue, then attached it to the base.  This gave me the (literal) framework to start putting in my insert pieces to create the spaces for my cards.

I next put the longest inside piece in - this is 10.75x2.5 inches.

Next comes the two longer cross pieces.  These are two pieces that are glued in separately:
  • (2) 6x2.5 in.
  • (2) 3.25x2.5 in.

I then put in the remaining pieces:
  • (2) 3.25x2.5 in.
  • (1) 5 1/8x2.5 in.

I now have 6 spaces for 3x4 cards, 2 for 4x6 cards, and one for extra embellishments!
Now, on to the wrapping!  I tried measuring specific lengths of paper to wrap nicely, but gave up on that pretty much immediately.  (Sorry to my friends who love measurements - just wing it on your own and I promise it will look beautiful).  I simply tried to keep each side of the box and the insides of the inserts using one pattern of paper.  Using bookbinding glue again, I adhered the paper to the bookboard to cover.
One helpful item to note - when wrapping around the intersections of bookboard, I cut slits in the paper to help move around these joints.  If any "naked" bookboard showed through, I simply covered with a scrap of the same paper - you can't even notice if there is a little overlap of paper.

You can see below that I often switched patterns on different sides of the internal spaces - I just moved through the rainbow from red to purple and kept similar colors together.  This will help guide me when I sort by cards by color as well.

After I fully wrapped the piece, I put it in my Raskog cart - I designed this piece so it would fit in the top shelf of the cart.  This way I have a full visual on my cards and they are not out of sight, out of mind!

Here is the start of my sorting - I have A LOT more cards to sort but you can see how easy it will be to flip throgh what I have and put these cards to good use.

Thank you for stopping by to see my project!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow - I have a quick card I whipped up using these prints as well that turned out oh so cute!  Check out the other ladies on the team as well to see how they are using these prints too!
Don't forget to pick up your own set of quad prints and get crafty!


  1. What a fabulous idea! Great way to use the quads!

  2. LOVE it! What a fun little way to store your goodies. All of the prints make the finished project so pretty! TFS!

  3. That is perfect!! Wonderful. I have that cart, I need a few holders!

  4. Simply awesome! What a terrific innovation, and the text weight papers look gorgeous on the box!

  5. Oh boy oh boy Marya, love how you used these quads!! This is such a wonderful storage box, I am heading to my craft room right now to make one!!! :)

  6. What a super idea,Marya.Such a great idea touse the papers and Ilove the devider idea
    for my cart! It is quite amess nowand this will help a lot.

  7. LOVE it! You need to make me one!

  8. Love it! It would make a great embellishment holder!

  9. That is a great idea! This hop has been so much fun - yay for the CS Artist Team!

  10. This is such a cool project - so pretty and super handy!!


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